MAXIO™ Overview


What is MAXIO?

MAXIO™ is an image-guided, physician controlled stereotactic accessory to a Computed Tomography (CT) system. MAXIO is intended for the stereotactic spatial positioning and orientation of an end effector and instrument guide to assist in manual advancement of one or more instruments for CT guided procedures such as Ablation, Biopsy, Drainage, FNAC, etc.

MAXIO™ provides pre-operative planning assistance by visually representing the planned instrument path and position(s) of one or more instruments on the model, along with performance data provided by the instrument manufacturer or as specified by the user.

MAXIO™ provides intra-operative guidance and post-procedure verification support by registering images from multiple series.

MAXIO™ consists of a stereotactic device and its accessories, software loaded on a computer, and a respiratory gating system. MAXIO™ uses single use sterile disposables

CT guided procedures are heading in a whole new direction...

Today, physicians plan interventional procedures by combining 2D images with their understanding of human anatomy. Physicians are then expected to manually advance one or more instruments to reach the target, without causing damage to vital structures, while accounting for organ and patient movement. It is, therefore, not surprising that these procedures are limited to the most skilled and experienced physicians.

Now, MAXIO assists physicians to visualize and plan an entire procedure, such as tumor ablation, in 3D. Multiple VOI, Multiple instruments, Placement sequencing can all be planned before advancing a single instrument.

Once the plan is confirmed, MAXIO’s stereotactic arm, combined with intra-operative registration, assists the physician to carefully advance one or more instruments accurately to reach the target.

MAXIO’s post-operative image registration helps physicians verify and extend the treatment if needed. MAXIO’s reporting tool then helps generate required reports.

... MAXIO is leading the way

MAXIO™ Features



Perfint Healthcare’s proprietary InstaReg™ Technology helps in fast and simple registration (docking) of the MAXIO on either side of the CT table onto the stainless steel floor panel.

Planning & Verification

MAXIO’s intuitive planning suite assists the clinician to segment VOIs, 3D visualization, multi probe and safe targeting


MAXIO’s powerful planning software provides 2D and 3D visualization of the affected region, and a wide range of tools to aid the development and execution of the plan


MAXIO allows clinicians to move seamlessly from planning to execution. With the click of a button, the arm moves into position for the clinician to advance the probes. Intra-operative registration allows verification of probe(s) placement prior to ablation


Post-procedure images can be viewed, and compared to the plan or pre-operative images


Stereotactic Arm

MAXIO’s Stereotactic arm comes with a 5 DOF Axis (X, Y, Z, A & B) movement along with sub millimeter and sub degree accuracy. This ensures that procedures can be performed at different table heights; reach difficult lesions that require more angulations (Orbital, Cranio - Caudal Angulations) with special focus on patient demographics.

Sterile Disposables

MAXIO uses sterile disposables that are safe and ensure economical procedures. The sterile disposables are:

  • a. Fingers – These are grippers that are attached to the stereotactic arm and hold the bush in place for the needle to be inserted by the doctor
  • b. Needle Guide – These come in various gauges and are used as per the needle selected. The needle guide is held by the fingers and helps in guiding the needle during the manual insertion
  • c. Needle Stabilizer – The primary function of the needle stabilizer is to stabilise the needle during the check scans after insertion
  • d. Needle holder – The Needle holder helps hold the needle and the needle guide in place and do check scans half way during insertion
  • e. Drape – Provides sterility for the moving arm


  • Works with DICOM 3 CT images
  • Supports RF, MW, IRE, Cryo ablation
  • Organ specific workflow packages for liver, lung & renal ablation

MAXIO™ Workflow

  1. Roll MAXIO into position and register to the CT table using InstaRegTM
  2. Prepare the patient; send CT images from CT scanner console to MAXIO
  3. Register current images with pre-operative images or plan, if available
  4. Segment one or more VOI, identify no-go regions, define tumor margins **
  5. Target organ or lesion, with up to 6 instruments, on 2D / 3D image
  6. Visualize and edit estimated ablation volumes ** #
  7. Enable MAXIO’s stereotactic arm to position the probe guide for the procedure
  8. Manually advance each probe through the probe guide to reach the tumor
  9. Perform intra-operative registration to verify probe placement and adapt subsequent plan(s), if needed
  10. Perform planned treatment (Ablation, Biopsy, Drainage, FNAC, etc.)
  11. Verify procedure by registering pre - procedure and post - procedure images
  12. Extend treatment until lesion is completely ablated with a desired ablation margin**
  13. Generate patient reports to document procedure
  14. Image registration and measurement of lesion volume may be used to monitor tumor progression during follow-up visits

    ** in case of tumor ablation procedur
    #Ablation volumes as provided by the device manufacturer or as determined by the physician

MAXIO™ Benefits

With MAXIO everyone benefits...

Physicians are better able to plan procedures with the help of MAXIO’s visualization and planning software, then successfully perform the procedure with the help of MAXIO’s targeting system.

Hospitals are looking for efficiency and it’s the goal of MAXIO to make interventional procedures faster and more predictable, a key challenge to scheduling of the CT suite.

Patients deserve access to life-saving treatments that are safe and effective. MAXIO strives to reduce the potential for unintended organ damage due to repeat punctures, and is likely to reduce the need for repeat scans which would mean less radiation exposure for the patient.

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